Alireza Heidari

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es phras and Keywords shell and tube, heat exchanger, LMTD method, effectiveness-NTU method. Abstract The shell and tube heat exchangers are devices used very much in the industrial processes in many applications. These elements can have characteristics very special, in its use as well as in its design, therefore each system being a particular problem. The(More)
Rotating disk flows arise in many areas of the electrochemical, biophysics, renewable energy systems and materials processing industries. Motivated by industrial applications, we examine a complex multi-physical coupled nonlinear heat transfer regime in the vicinity of a rotating disk incorporating thermal radiation, magnetohydrodynamics, and wall slip and(More)
Considering the traditional design of residential electricity distribution networks in Australia and the possibility of reverse power flow due to increased solar photovoltaic (PV) power injection, the possibility of voltage rise is expected to increase. The paper reports voltage performance of low- (LV) and medium (MV) voltage networks under high(More)
— The ability of silicon to make faster computer chips ends soon. Thus, scientists have introduced DNA as a proper and clean alternative and source. Research on molecular computers is at initial steps. Molecular computers, in their current state, are composed of DNA and enzymes and there, still, remains a long way to achieving this dream. DNA computers will(More)
The introduction of distributed generation (DG) units provided an opportunity to enhance the reliability of distribution networks. However, it is expected that DG contribution in fault current can affect existing protective devices, especially overcurrent relays (OC) coordination. The system reliability can deteriorate when protective devices lose their(More)
Improving reliability of power distribution systems is an important consideration for utilities especially when high penetration of distributed generation based on renewable energy sources (DGRESs) is considered. Under faults that result in loss of mains, reliability enhancement can be achieved by operating these sources in the islanding mode hence(More)
We investigate theoretically the unsteady magnetohydrodynamic natural convection heat and mass transfer of a viscous, incompressible, electrically-conducting and radiating fluid over a porous vertical infinite plate. A uniform magnetic field of magnitude 0 B is applied normal to the SAHIN AHMED et al. 14 plate. An algebraic flux model is employed valid in(More)