Alireza Hedayati

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Users of cloud computing do not have currently appropriate tools for their verification of confidentiality, privacy policy, computing accuracy, and data integrity. To deal with this problem, a new approach called Trusted Cloud Computing Infrastructure is proposed inspired by Trusted Cloud Computing Platform. Through presenting a User Trusted Entity (UTE)(More)
One of the techniques for increasing flexibility and scalability of cloud data centers is Task Migration. The act of migration is performed for different goals like balancing and load sharing, energy management and reducing response time and improvement of Quality of Service. In this paper, different kinds of migrations like Pre-Copy, Post-Copy, TPM triple(More)
Medical diagnosis is often done by expertise and experience of phisician, but sometimes may lead to misdiagnosis. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous system. In this disease, body produces antibodies that attack and damage the Myelin, in which the myelin sheath (the insulation for nerve fibers) is in trouble and the damage to myelin(More)
An approach has been presented in this paper in order to generate a secure environment on internet Based Virtual Computing platform and also to reduce energy consumption in green cloud computing. The proposed approach constantly checks the accuracy of stored data by means of a central control service inside the network environment and also checks system(More)
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