Alireza Haghnegahdar

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Given a set of positions for wireless nodes, the interference minimization problem is to assign a transmission radius (i.e., a power level) to each node such that the resulting communication graph is connected while minimizing the maximum (respectively, average) interference. We consider the model introduced by von Rickenbach <i>et al.</i> (2005), in which(More)
A relay assisted cooperative beamforming technique can efficiently improve the spectral efficiency and can reduce the interference to primary users in a cognitive underlay systems. Our objective is to reduce the total power cost of Secondary Users (SU) while limiting the interference in the direction of Primary Users (PU). Kmean algorithm which is a(More)
Growing availability of mobile devices capable of sensing and transmitting geospatial information has led to a wide range of location based services (LBSs). Sharing location data with others is an intrinsic feature of LBSs. However, publishing location may raise serious privacy concerns due to its close connection with users’ sensitive information. This(More)
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