Alireza Ghasempour

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Recent investigations have demonstrated that normobaric hyperoxia induces neuroprotection against ischemic injury. The aim of study was to determine the survey of HO (hyperoxia) preconditioning on brain lipidome.The animals were assigned into three groups, the first experimental group was exposed to 95% inspired HO for 4 h /day for six consecutive days. The(More)
Smart grid uses an advanced metering infrastructure to create a two-way communication network between smart grid components and machine-to-machine communications have a great potential to implement this communication network. In this paper, we propose a one-layer aggregation-based machine-to-machine architecture for advanced metering infrastructure(More)
Biosurfactans are amphiphilic compounds synthesized by a wide group of microorganisms and tend to interact with surfaces of different polarities. In the present study we purified and characterized a biosurfactant produced by Dietzia cinnamea KA-1 when cultured by n-hexadecane as sole carbon source. The crude biosurfactant was extracted with ethyl acetate(More)
Internet of Things connects anythings at any time in any places. Smart grid is one of the promising applications of Internet of Things. Advanced metering infrastructure is one of the most important components of smart grid which aggregates data from smart meters and sends the collected data to the utility center to be analyzed and stored. In this paper, we(More)
Hybrid sol-gel technology was used for fabrication of prototypes of coaxial two, three and four telescopes beam combiners for astronomical applications. These devices were designed for the astronomical J-band and have been characterized using an optical source with emission centered at 1265 nm and with a spectral FWHM of 50 nm. Interferometric(More)
Astronomical interferometry is an active area of research and an increasing number of new conceptual ideas and designs are being proposed to achieve optimum astronomical instruments. In particular, integrated optics has a lot to offer in what concerns beam combination and control. In this paper, different examples of application of hybrid sol-gel integrated(More)
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