Alireza Farasat

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AIMS To examine the nature and characteristics of both received and provided mutual support in a social network within an acute care hospital unit. BACKGROUND Current evidence regarding the social network in the health care workforce reveals the nature of social ties. Most studies of social network-related support that measured the characteristics of(More)
The advent and availability of technology has brought us closer than ever through social networks. Consequently, there is a growing emphasis on mining social networks to extract information for knowledge and discovery. However, methods for social network analysis (SNA) have not kept pace with the data explosion. In this review, we describe directed and(More)
This paper reports on the utility of social network analysis methods in the data fusion domain. Given fused data that combine multiple intelligence reports from the same environment, social network extraction and high value individual (HVI) identification are of interest. The research on the feasibility of such activities may help not only in methodological(More)
This paper presents a new pedagogical paradigm ``Crowdlearning'', where students experience deeper learning through collaboratively creating learning materials for each other. Crowdlearning practice is envisioned to produce large ``banks'' of subject matter problems generated by students themselves, in a crowdsourced way, as the students learn new subjects;(More)
Networked control systems (NCS) have gained an increasing attention in recent years due to their flexibility and cost reduction. The two main problems affecting stability and performance of closed-loop NCS are packet delay and drop. The problem of delay is severe in large scale NCS where the sensor-controller-actuator are connected via a network with large(More)
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