Alireza Fallahpour

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Supplier evaluation plays a critical role in a successful supply chain management. Hence, the evaluation and selection of the right suppliers have become a central decision of manufacturing business activities around the world. Consequently, numerous individual and integrated methods have been presented to evaluate and select suppliers. The current(More)
Exploring relationships between characteristics of a yarn and influencing factors is momentous subject to optimize the selection of the variables. Different modelling methodologies have been used to predict spun yarn properties. Developing a prediction approach with higher degree of precision is a subject that has received attention by the researchers. In(More)
Supplier evaluation and selection is a complicated process which deals with conflicting attributes such as quality, cost. To mitigate the computational complexity, intelligent-based techniques have gained much popularity. But the main shortcoming of the existing models in this regard is to be a black box system. In this paper, we aim to combine analytical(More)
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