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The dynamics of actin and microtubules are coordinated in a variety of cellular and morphogenetic processes; however, little is known about the molecules mediating this cytoskeletal cross-talk. We are studying Short stop (Shot), the sole Drosophila spectraplakin, as a model actin-microtubule cross-linking protein. Spectraplakins are an ancient family of(More)
Axon extension and guidance require a coordinated assembly of F-actin and microtubules as well as regulated translation. The molecular basis of how the translation of mRNAs encoding guidance proteins could be closely tied to the pace of cytoskeletal assembly is poorly understood. Previous studies have shown that the F-actin-microtubule crosslinker Short(More)
Spontaneously migrating Walker carcinosarcoma cells usually form lamellipodia at the front. Combined treatment with 10(-5)M colchicine and 10(-7)M latrunculin A produces large defects in the cortical F-actin layer at the leading front and suppresses lamellipodia. However, the cortical actin layer at the rear is intact and shows myosin IIA accumulation.(More)
The proper trafficking and localization of cardiac potassium channels is profoundly important to the regulation of the regionally distinct action potentials across the myocardium. These processes are only beginning to be unravelled and involve modulators of channel synthesis and assembly, post-translational processing, various molecular motors and an(More)
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