Alireza Behrooz

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This paper introduces a Context-aware Privacy Policy Language (CPPL) that enables mobile users to control who can access their context information, at what detail, and in which situation by specifying their context-aware privacy rules. Context-aware privacy rules map a set of privacy rules to one or more user's situations, in which these rules are valid.(More)
Regulated synthesis of luteinizing hormone (LH) requires coordinated transcriptional control of the alpha and LHbeta subunits in pituitary gonadotropes. Several cis-acting elements and trans-acting factors have been defined for control of the LHbeta promoter through heterologous cell culture models. In this report, we describe the identification of(More)
Many risk factors for breast cancer are associated with hormonally regulated events. Although numerous mouse models of mammary cancer exist, few address the roles of hormones in spontaneous tumor formation. Here we report that transgenic mice that overexpress LH, resulting in ovarian hyperstimulation, undergo precocious mammary gland development. A(More)
We have recently shown that expression of the GLUT1 glucose transporter isoform is augmented in cells exposed to cobalt chloride [Co(II)], an agent that stimulates the expression of hypoxia-responsive genes (Behrooz, A., Ismail-Beigi, F., 1997. J. Biol. Chem. 272, 5555-5562.). Here, we examine the effect of Co(II) on glycemia and tissue GLUT1 mRNA content(More)
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