Alireza Asgari

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Organophosphates (OPs) neurotoxicity is attributed both to their well-known cholinergic and recently attended non-cholinergic effects. Since parathion has been observed to be responsible for more cases of poisoning than any other OP insecticides, it is vitally important to investigate other mechanisms, besides cholinesterase inhibition, which can(More)
Chronic exposure to low levels of lead results in sustained hypertension in humans and experimental animals. The mechanism of lead-induced hypertension remains unclear. We investigated the short-term (4 and 8 weeks) and subchronic (12 weeks) effects of lead treatment on responsiveness of vascular adrenergic system and level of nitric oxide metabolites, that(More)
In the present study, the effects of intraperitoneal, intra-accumbal and intra-ventral tegmental area administration of L-arginine and N(G)-nitro-L-arginine methyl-ester (L-NAME) on conditioned place preference behavior were studied. Intraperitoneal (i.p.; 0.5, 1 and 5 mg/kg) and intra-accumbal (intra-NAc; 0.3, 1 and 3 microg/rat), but not intra-ventral(More)
Cannabinoid neuroprotection is usually greater in vivo than in neuronal cell culture systems. To the authors' knowledge, a good in vitro culture model for the neuroprotective effects of cannabinoids does not exist. Therefore, a 3-dimensional (3D) culture system was developed to investigate the neuroprotective effects of the cannabinoid receptor agonist(More)
BACKGROUND Short time pretreatment with oxygen is reported to be protective against subsequent ischemia-reperfusion (IR) injury of heart and spinal cord in some animal models. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of pre-exposure to hyperoxic environment on rat renal IR injury for the first time. MATERIALS AND METHODS The effects of 1(More)
Diazinon (DZN) is an organophosphate pesticide widely used in agricultural to control insects and in veterinary medicine to control ectoparasites. This study investigated the induction of oxidative stress in the brain, heart, and spleen of Wistar and Norway rats treated with acute doses of DZN. Female Wistar and Norway rats were treated with 25, 50, 100,(More)
To investigate possible effect of paraoxon (10(-9)-10(-3)M) on GABA uptake, we used rat cerebral cortex synaptosomes. K(m) and V(max) of GABA uptake were determined in presence of paraoxon (10(-3)M). Acetylcholine and its antagonists (atropine and mecamylamine) were used for evaluating cholinergic-dependency of uptake. Type of transporter involved was(More)
Satellite cells (SCs) are the most abundant skeletal muscle stem cells. They are widely recognized for their contributions to maintenance of muscle mass, regeneration and hypertrophy during the human life span. These cells are good candidates for cell therapy due to their self-renewal capabilities and presence in an undifferentiated form. Presently, a(More)
The detection and control of the temperature variation at the nano-scale level of thermo-mechanical materials during a compression process have been challenging issues. In this paper, an empirical method is proposed to predict the temperature at the nano-scale level during the solid-state phase transition phenomenon in NiTi shape memory alloys. Isothermal(More)
Spinal cord injury (SCI) often leads to constant neurological deficits and long-term unalterable disability. Apoptosis plays an important role in the initiation of the secondary injury cascades leading to progressive tissue damage and severely functional deficits after SCI. Although the primary mechanical destructive events cannot be reversed, a therapeutic(More)