Alireza Aram

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We consider a network in which several service providers offer wireless access to their respective subscribed customers through potentially multihop routes. If providers cooperate by jointly deploying and pooling their resources, such as spectrum and infrastructure (e.g., base stations) and agree to serve each others' customers, their aggregate payoffs, and(More)
Efficacy of commercial wireless networks can be substantially enhanced through large-scale cooperation among involved entities such as providers and customers. The success of such cooperation is contingent upon the design of judicious resource allocation strategies that ensure that the individuals' pay-offs are commensurate to the resources they offer to(More)
—A large part of the Internet traffic is due to P2P file sharing, and most of it is associated with unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music and films. In several countries, a direct confrontation has emerged as a strategy to deal with this demand. In contrast, in some other countries it has been recognized that this huge demand may have also positive(More)
We consider a two-hop routing delay-tolerant network. a When the source encounters a mobile then it transmits, with some probability , a file to that mobile, with the probability itself being a decision variable. The number of mobiles is not fixed, with new mobiles arriving at some constant rate. The file corresponds to some software that is needed for(More)
STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Oral mucositis (OM) is a common side effect of anti-cancer drugs and needs significant attention for its prevention. PURPOSE This study aimed to evaluate the healing effects of olive leaf extract on 5-fluorouracil-induced OM in golden hamster. MATERIALS AND METHOD OM was induced in 63 male golden hamsters by the combination of(More)
– Finding special periodic orbit in the highly chaotic problems is very complicated. Thus, deriving an effective algorithm for finding such orbits is important. In this paper, the spatial orbits in three-body problems are studied. Then, an algorithm is derived in order to help to find these orbits. This algorithm includes scanning the space, refining better(More)
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