Alireza Aram

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We consider a network in which several service providers offer wireless access to their respective subscribed customers through potentially multihop routes. If providers cooperate by jointly deploying and pooling their resources, such as spectrum and infrastructure (e.g., base stations) and agree to serve each others' customers, their aggregate payoffs, and(More)
Efficacy of commercial wireless networks can be substantially enhanced through large-scale cooperation among involved entities such as providers and customers. The success of such cooperation is contingent upon the design of judicious resource allocation strategies that ensure that the individuals' pay-offs are commensurate to the resources they offer to(More)
We consider a two-hop routing delay-tolerant network. a When the source encounters a mobile then it transmits, with some probability , a file to that mobile, with the probability itself being a decision variable. The number of mobiles is not fixed, with new mobiles arriving at some constant rate. The file corresponds to some software that is needed for(More)
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