Alireza Aminlou

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Delivering wide-angle and high-resolution spherical panoramic video content entails a high streaming bitrate. This imposes challenges when panorama clips are consumed in virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD). The reason is that the HMDs typically require high spatial and temporal fidelity contents and strict low-latency in order to guarantee the(More)
The order and arrangement of the main components in a JPEG2000 encoder, referred to as coding sequence hereafter, plays a significant role in its performance and implementation cost. Typical JPEG2000 encoders, which may use a pre-compression or a post-compression bit allocation, require a large amount of memory to store the wavelet coefficients, compressed(More)
In multimedia, specially web-based applications and mobile communication where images are used extremely, rate control method has significant role in image coder performance and computational complexity. We propose a very fast rate control algorithm suitable for PEG2000 coder with less computational complexity which uses uniform exponential curve modeling.(More)
Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is increasingly recognized in image/video compression standards, as indicated by its use in JPEG2000. The lifting scheme algorithm is an alternative DWT implementation that has a lower computational complexity. In this paper, a new high performance lifting-based architecture is presented for the 9/7 DWT engine. The proposed(More)
Mode decision has a significant effect on the quality and complexity of video coding. It is even more challenging when generating multiple bitstreams with different bitrates in, for example, Dynamic Adaptive Streaming for HTTP (DASH) or transrating systems. Full search and simplified fast search mode decision methods either suffer from a high computational(More)
In multimedia applications where images are extremely used, rate control method has significant role in image encoder performance, computational complexity and hardware implementation. We propose a simple rate control algorithm suitable for hardware implementation of JPEG2000 encoder with less computational complexity and area. The proposed algorithm which(More)