Alireza Akhbardeh

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Electro-encephalogram Spikes Classification and latency computing is one of the important tools in epilepsy diagnosing. However, overlapped spikes cause complexity in problem solving. We use neuro-fuzzy systems and shift-invariant wavelet transforms to solve this problem. It has been shown that our suggested procedures have high-resolution and are able to(More)
This paper presents a comparative analysis of novel supervised fuzzy adaptive resonance theory (SF-ART), multilayer perceptron (MLP) and Multi Layer Perceptrons (MLP) neural networks over Ballistocardiogram (BCG) signal recognition. To extract essential features of the BCG signal, we applied Biorthogonal wavelets. SF-ART performs classification on two(More)
— New sensor technologies open possibilities for measuring traditional biosignals in new innovative ways. This, together with the development of signal processing systems and their computing power, can sometimes give new life to old measurement techniques. Ballistocardiogram is one such technique, originally promising but quickly replaced by the now very(More)
We have studied and compared three different signals of the same category of infrasonic cardiac signals together; namely, SCG, ULF-BCG and EMFIT recordings. The results demonstrate interesting similarities and differences between these signals and help us to understand some of the mechanisms behind the genesis of these waves. For instance, it was(More)
One of critical problem causing death of humankind is heart disease. To help Medical doctors to find patient heart conditions and monitoring their body's signals, several electronic devices have been developed over several decades. Among different methods used for these purposes, Ballistocardiography (BCG) has an interesting measurement feature that no(More)
Hypoxic tumor microenvironments result in an aggressive phenotype and resistance to therapy that lead to tumor progression, recurrence, and metastasis. While poor vascularization and the resultant inadequate drug delivery are known to contribute to drug resistance, the effect of hypoxia on molecular transport through the interstitium, and the role of the(More)
The heart disease diagnosing (HDD) system consists of a sensitive movement EMFi TM-film 1 sensor installed under the upholstery of a chair. Whilst a man rests on the chair, this sensor which is sensitive to force gives us a single electrical signal containing components reflective of cardiac-ballistocardiogram (BCG), respiratory, and body movements related(More)
— In this paper we propose a low-complexity fuzzy video rate controller designed for real-time variable bitrate applications with buffer constraints. The algorithm is optimized for streaming application in mobile devices. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm can be used for local recording application so as the recorded video may be streamed in future.(More)
Collagen 1 (Col1) fibers play an important role in tumor interstitial macromolecular transport and cancer cell dissemination. Our goal was to understand the influence of Col1 fibers on water diffusion, and to examine the potential of using noninvasive diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to indirectly detect Col1 fibers in breast lesions. We previously observed,(More)