Alireza Ahmadian

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In this paper, we present a novel blind watermarking method with secret key by embedding ECG signals in medical images. The embedding is done when the original image is compressed using the embedded zero-tree wavelet (EZW) algorithm. The extraction process is performed at the decompression time of the watermarked image. Our algorithm has been tested on(More)
Navigated bronchoscopy has been developed by various groups within the last decades. Systems based on CT data and electromagnetic tracking enable the visualization of the position and orientation of the bronchoscope, forceps, and biopsy tools within CT data. Therefore registration between the tracking space and the CT volume is required. Standard procedures(More)
PURPOSE Compensation for brain shift is often necessary for image-guided neurosurgery, requiring registration of intra-operative ultrasound (US) images with preoperative magnetic resonance images (MRI). A new image similarity measure based on residual complexity (RC) to overcome challenges of registration of intra-operative US and preoperative MR images was(More)
This paper presents a novel digital watermarking framework using electrocardiograph (ECG) and demographic text data as double watermarks. It protects patient medical information and prevents mismatching diagnostic information. The watermarks are embedded in selected texture regions of a PET image using multi-resolution wavelet decomposition. Experimental(More)
In this paper, a fully automated method for segmenting Left Ventricle (LV) in echocardiography images is proposed. A new method named active ellipse model is developed to automatically find the best ellipse inside the LV chamber without intervention of any specialist. A modified B-Spline Snake algorithm is used to segment the LV chamber in which the initial(More)
Human airway tree segmentation from computed to-mography (CT) images is a very important step for virtual broncho-scopic applications. Imaging artifacts or thin airway walls decrease the contrast between the air and airway wall and make the segmented region to leak from inside of the airway to the parenchyma. This in turn begins the leakage phenomenon to(More)
PURPOSE Combination of various intraoperative imaging modalities potentially can reduce error of brain shift estimation during neurosurgical operations. In the present work, a new combination of surface imaging and Doppler US images is proposed to calculate the displacements of cortical surface and deformation of internal vessels in order to estimate the(More)
BACKGROUND War, as a stressor event, has a variety of acute and chronic negative consequences, such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In this context, early maladaptive schema-based problems in PTSD have recently become an important research area. The aim of this study was to assess early maladaptive schemas in patients with acute and chronic PTSD.(More)
PURPOSE Image-guided surgery systems are limited by registration error, so practical and effective methods to improve accuracy are necessary. A projection point-based method for reducing the surface registration error in image-guided surgery was developed and tested. METHODS Checkerboard patterns are projected on visible surfaces to create projected(More)