Alireza Abdi Kelishami

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—Building an audiovisual data corpus is one significant step in audiovisual research. One of the most challenging tasks in computer science is computer-aided speech therapy and language learning. Developing computer applications for training and rehabilitation of the handicapped and helping the hearing and speaking-impaired by facial speech synthesis are(More)
Facial feature extraction is one of the most important challenges in the area of facial image processing. This paper introduces a new method for locating eye features that is capable of processing images rapidly while achieving high detection rates. The proposed method is applicable to an n-dimensional space. Therefore, a new representation is considered(More)
It is fascinating, and yet often neglected, that a user's privacy can be invaded not only by the absence of security measures and mechanisms, but also by improper or inadequate usage of security services and mechanisms. When designing secure systems, we must consider what services are needed and what is not. The work in this thesis revolves around(More)
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