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Given a set of spatial points $D$ containing keywords information, a set of query objects Q and m query keywords, a top-k aggregate nearest keyword (ANK) query retrieves k objects from Q with the minimum sum of distances to its nearest points in D such that each nearest point matches at least one of query keywords. For example, consider there is a spatial(More)
The nearest neighbor search over time-series databases has been a hot research topic for a long time period, which is widely used in many applications, including information retrieval, genetic data matching, data mining, and so on. However, due to high dimensionality (i.e. length) and uncertainty of the time series, the similarity search over directly(More)
There exist challenges in Continuous monitoring application, mainly due to the limited battery power of sensor nodes all the time. Power efficiency is the key. A power efficient top-k monitoring framework called PECTMA is proposed which is a three level architecture including four novel algorithms, CRVMR, ESR, Top-k-sort and BRCR. The basic idea is to(More)
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