Aline Patricia Turcatto

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The superiority of Africanized over European honey bees in tropical and subtropical regions of the New World is both well documented and poorly understood. As part of an effort to try to understand the process by which the displacement of European bees occurred, we examined the ability of these two types of bees and of hybrids between the two to convert(More)
Pollen substitute diets are a valuable resource for maintaining strong and health honey bee colonies. Specific diets may be useful in one region or country and inadequate or economically unviable in others. We compared two artificial protein diets that had been formulated from locally-available ingredients in Brazil with bee bread and a non-protein sucrose(More)
Among their natural defenses against pathogens and parasites, honey bees coat nest cavity surfaces with propolis. Consequently, they are able to economize on immune system activation, lowering energetic costs and improving longevity. However, the mechanisms through which propolis acts to protect bees are unknown. Here we show that 0.1% propolis fed in a(More)
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