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Theory revision systems are designed to improve the accuracy of an initial theory, producing more accurate and comprehensible theories than purely inductive methods. Such systems search for points where examples are misclassified and modify them using revision operators. This includes trying to add antecedents to clauses usually following a top-down(More)
ILP has been successfully applied to a variety of tasks. Nevertheless, ILP systems have huge time and storage requirements, owing to a large search space of possible clauses. Therefore, clever search strategies are needed. One promising family of search strategies is that of stochastic local search methods. These methods have been successfully applied to(More)
The game of chess has been a major testbed for research in artificial intelligence, since it requires focus on intelligent reasoning. Particularly, several challenges arise to machine learning systems when inducing a model describing legal moves of the chess, including the collection of the examples, the learning of a model correctly representing the(More)
Description Logics based languages have emerged as the standard knowledge representation scheme for ontologies. Typically, an ontology formalizes a number of dependent and related concepts in a domain, encompassed as a terminology. As defining such terminologies manually is a complex, time consuming and error-prone task, there is great interest and even(More)
[Context] Defect Causal Analysis (DCA) represents an efficient practice to improve software processes. While knowledge on cause-effect relations is helpful to support DCA, collecting cause-effect data may require significant effort and time. [Goal] We propose and evaluate a new DCA approach that uses cross-company data to support the practical application(More)
The immersion level of a game is one of the main factors that affect its quality. The higher the immersion, the more connected to the game the player feels. To increase immersion, a number of games try to adapt the story to at least create the illusion that the player's actions and decisions are guiding it. However, this adaptation is often limited, since(More)