Aline Maria Santos Andrade

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Model Driven Development (MDD) is a softwaredevelopment approach that makes intensive use of modelsallowing not only reuse of code but also reuse of models producedalong the entire software development life cycle. At the core ofMDD is a transformation chain that transforms input modelsinto output models until code generation enabling softwaredevelopment(More)
Transformations are key artifacts in the MDD (Model Driven Development) approach: a software development project can be defined through a transformation chain converting source models into target models until code, enabling development process automation. Transformations can be complex and demand software processes, languages and techniques to improve their(More)
Service oriented Architecture (SOA) has been widely used in service computing applications and this fact has been encouraged the publication over the Web in a Web Service format. Whereas the number of Web services published on the Web is growing up, discovery techniques must be improved so as to retrieve more desirable services. Nowadays, the most commonly(More)
We describe the formal specification and verification of a new faulttolerant real-time communication protocol, called DoRiS, which is designed for supporting distributed real-time systems that use a shared high-bandwidth medium. Since such a kind of protocol is reasonably complex and requires high levels of confidence on both timing and safety properties,(More)
A new tool for integrating formal methods, particularly model checking, in the development process of component-based real-time systems specified in UML is proposed. The described tool, TANGRAM (Tool for Analysis of Diagrams), performs automatic translation from UML diagrams into timed automata, which can be verified by the UPPAAL model checker. We focus on(More)
In the MDD approach a transformation chain is responsible for the automation or semi-automation of the MDD development process by encapsulating the strategies to convert models into other models until code generation. The design of transformation chains can be complex and demand software engineering facilities such as processes, languages and techniques in(More)
Mechatronic products integrate electrical, software and mechanical engineering, allowing new possibilities in product development. This paper proposes a unified process to guide the development of mechatronic products which includes the rational unified process with some established methods and techniques from electrical and mechanical engineering. The(More)