Aline K Mendes

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The aim of this study was to assess the impact of spinal cord injury on men's sexual motivation, through the sexual desire self-assessment, and the sexual arousal and orgasm physiological responses. This research consisted of a descriptive, nonprobabilistic and comparative study, designed to outline the target population characteristics to compare the(More)
Elderly people often suffer from insomnia which is responsible for high comorbidity and lower quality of life in this population. Somatic and psychiatric pathologies must be screened as primary sleep disorders. Chronic sleep disorders and benzodiazepine abuse might be avoided by an early treatment of causal factors. We wished to propose here a practical(More)
The interaction between co-morbidities and dementia is complex. Are co-morbidities dementia or age-related ? Does one die of dementia or with dementia ? Presentation of illness is atypical in older populations but particularly so in individuals with dementia. How should one then detect and measure the co-morbidity burden, what is the best management and the(More)
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