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The current therapy for ovarian cancer has advanced from alkylating agents, to a combination of carboplatinum and paclitaxel offering increased survival. Although most patients respond to this first-line therapy, initially, the majority of these patients relapse within 2 years. The mechanisms responsible for acquired drug resistance in ovarian cancer have(More)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has recently been investigated as a possible adjuvant treatment for many neuropsychiatric disorders, and has already been approved for the treatment of drug-resistant depression in the United States and in Brazil, among other countries. Although its use in other neuropsychiatric disorders is still largely(More)
~Second Paediatric Division, L. go G. Gaslini, 1-16148 Genoa, Italy, 2Laboratory of Immunopathology, L. go G. Gaslini, 1-16148 Genoa, Italy, 3Department of Pathology, L. go G. Gaslini, 1-16148 Genoa, Italy, 4Fourth Paediatric Division, Scientific Institute, L. go G. Gas]ini, t-16148 Genoa, Italy SInstitute of Clinical and Experimental Oncology, University(More)
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