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Arboreal squirrels of the Asiatic genus Callosciurus have shown high likelihood of establishment from few released animals, in particular, C. erythraeus has established wild populations in Argentina, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Japan, and The Netherlands. We report the invasion process of C. erythraeus in Argentina in the last four decades and suggest(More)
  • Daniele C Nascimento, Paulo H Melo, +12 authors Jose C Alves-Filho
  • 2017
Patients who survive sepsis can develop long-term immune dysfunction, with expansion of the regulatory T (Treg) cell population. However, how Treg cells proliferate in these patients is not clear. Here we show that IL-33 has a major function in the induction of this immunosuppression. Mice deficient in ST2 (IL-33R) develop attenuated immunosuppression in(More)
Sepsis is a severe syndrome that arises when the host response to an insult is exacerbated, leading to organ failure and frequently to death. How a chronic infection that causes a prolonged Th1 expansion affects the course of sepsis is unknown. In this study, we showed that mice chronically infected with Toxoplasma gondii were more susceptible to sepsis(More)
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