Aline Deruyver

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In this paper, we propose a new solution to extract complex structures from High-Resolution (HR) remote-sensing images. We propose to represent shapes and there relations by using region adjacency graphs. They are generated automatically from the segmented images. Thus, the nodes of the graph represent shape like houses, streets or trees, while arcs(More)
The RAG has been widely used to represent the topology of the image segmentation. The RAG has only one type of edges "to be neighbor with" and its simplicity allows us to easily build a hierarchy of RAGs. But it is too simple. At the opposite, the semantic graph has many types of edges with complex properties and it can embed some very high informations.(More)
A hierarchical classification based road extraction approach is proposed in this paper. In order to extract road network, a spectral based-classification associates a confidence score to each region in the image. This score is used to extract road region and its constraints for each iteration of the hierarchy. Road localization is based on Radon transform(More)