Aline Delbos

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The stability of foam is investigated experimentally through coalescence events. Instability (coalescence) occurs when the system is submitted to external perturbations (T1) and when the liquid amount in the film network is below a critical value. Microscopically, transient thick films are observed during film rearrangements. Film rupture, with coalescence(More)
We investigate experimentally the behavior of liquid foams pumped at a given flow rate through a single pore, in the situation where the pore diameter is smaller than the bubble diameter. Results reveal that foam invasion can be observed only within a restricted range of values for the dimensionless flow rate and the foam liquid fraction. Within this foam(More)
We experimentally investigate how the impregnation of porous media can be forced using the initial kinetic energy of an impacting drop. We focus on the scale of a single pore--either hydrophilic or hydrophobic--and thus study the impact of a single drop falling on vertical cylindrical capillary tubes. This experimental configuration therefore differs from(More)
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