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The protein tyrosine phosphatase nonreceptor 22 gene (PTPN22) is an important negative regulator of signal transduction through the T-cell receptors (TCR). Recently a single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) 1858 C/T within this gene was shown to be a risk factor for several autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Graves' Disease (GD), systemic(More)
Type 2 diabetes (DM2) could be reproduced in rats with alimentary obesity by using low doses of streptozotocin (LD-STZ) as well as STZ in high doses with preliminary nicotinamide (NA) administration. However, STZ could induce tubulotoxicity. Aim. To develop rat model of DN in NA-STZ-induced DM2 and compare it with LD-STZ-model in order to choose the most(More)
Human cardiac β 1-AR perform a crucial role in mediating the cardiostimulating effects of norepinephrine. Gly389Arg and Ser49Gly polymorphisms of β 1-adrenoreceptors ( β 1-AR) can influence the cardiovascular prognosis. However, the possible effect of Gly389Arg and Ser49Gly polymorphisms on heart function in thyrotoxicosis has not been studied. We(More)
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