Alina Tsareva

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Reducing reconsolidation of reactivated traumatic memories may offer a novel pharmacological treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Preclinical research is needed to identify candidate drugs. We evaluated the ability of postreactivation mifepristone (RU38486, a glucocorticoid antagonist), alone and in combination with propranolol (a(More)
In modern surgery of coronary arteries both surgical therapy of early stages of acute infarction and its surgical prophylaxis in preinfarction conditions seem to be quite feasible. 100 consecutive operations for ischemic heart disease are analysed. The principal type of surgery is a mammary coronary anastomosis. Among the mentioned patients one had a(More)
A common treatment for anxiety disorders is chronic administration of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as fluoxetine. Recent data suggest that SSRIs modulate fear responses after conditioned fear extinction and that gonadal hormones influence fear extinction. In this study we investigated the influence of sex and the estrous cycle on the(More)
Type 4 P-type ATPases (P(4)-ATPases) catalyze phospholipid transport to generate phospholipid asymmetry across membranes of late secretory and endocytic compartments, but their kinship to cation-transporting P-type transporters raised doubts about whether P(4)-ATPases alone are sufficient to mediate flippase activity. P(4)-ATPases form heteromeric complexes(More)
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