Alina Trejgell

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Advances in biotechnology, especially in the field of in vitro culture techniques, led to the development of procedures that can be used as an excellent tool in plant conservation. The present study describes in vitro conservation of Senecio macrophyllus by slow-growth storage. Various sugar treatments, concentration of abscisic acid (ABA), light intensity(More)
The effect of two different iron chelates and iron concentration on multiplication, shoot growth, chlorophyll content and rooting of Carlina onopordifolia were studied in in vitro culture. FeEDTA presented in MS basal medium was replaced by FeEDDHA, which was applied in three concentrations: 93.5, 187.0 and 280.5 mg dm−3 (5.6 mg dm−3, 11.2 and 16.8 mg dm−3(More)
Taraxacum pieninicum is an extremely threatened species. It seems that traditional protection methods of this species are insufficient and it is necessary to use biotechnology tools that allow the in vitro storage of plant material. The present study describes in vitro conservation of T. pieninicum by slow-growth storage. Various light conditions and(More)
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