Alina Tirsoaga

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A starch-assisted synthetic methodology of multispheres ZnO-starch biocomposites was developed. An additional thermal processing of the ZnO-starch composites induces the formation of ZnO with donut-like morphology. The synthesis of single-phase zinc oxide with a spherical morphology is conditioned by the presence of starch, which acts as template,(More)
Graphene oxide catalyzes oxidation by NaClO of primary benzyl and aliphatic amines to a product distribution comprising nitriles and imines. Nitriles are the sole product for long chain aliphatic amines. Spectroscopic characterization suggests that percarboxylic and perlactone groups could be the active sites of the process.
Hierarchical flowers-like zinc oxide structures have been successfully obtained by a simple and fast ultrasound-assisted method performed in a ordinary ultrasonic bath using an ammonia solution and zinc acetate, in the absence of any surfactant or template. The composition, structure, crystallinity, morphology and optical properties of the materials(More)
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