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The serum copper and zinc concentration, the Cu/Zn ratio and ceruloplasmin activity have been studied in 400 subjects divided into 4 groups of study: 50 normal subjects (controls), 100 patients with ischemic heart disease, 100 subjects with myocardial infarction in the past history and 150 patients with acute myocardial infarction. It was observed that in(More)
The serum zinc, calcium and magnesium concentration as well as the possible relationship between these elements was determined by means of atomic absorption spectrophotometry in 150 patients with prostatic, lung, liver and breast neoplasms as well as with chronic leukemia, and in 80 normal subjects. These determinations showed that zinc concentration is(More)
The concentrations of three trace elements (iron, copper and zinc) involved in hematopoiesis were studied in 200 patients with iron-deficit anemia, hemolytic anemia and Biermer's anemia, in comparison with a group of normal subjects. The method used was atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The results obtained showed that in iron-deficit anemia resistant to(More)
The incidence of the Helicobacter-like organisms (HLO) was investigated on biopsy specimens of antral gastric mucosa, stained by the Wayson technique, in 509 patients with various gastric and duodenal diseases. The incidence of HLO was: 72.8 percent in gastric ulcer, 69.6 percent in duodenal ulcer, 69.2 percent in bulbitis, 61.0. percent in chronic(More)
In order to define the relationship between cholesterolosis (COL) and cholesterol gallstone disease (CGD), risk factors were comparatively investigated in a great number of patients. Sex, age and metabolic risk factors were the same for both diseases, but gallbladder anomalies and neuroendocrine disturbances were more often associated with COL. The lipid(More)
The hepatoprotective action of Silymarin was studied in 65 male Wistar rats, prior to and following D-galactosamine intoxication. There was a marked reduction in the histological and ultrastructural changes in the nucleolus, nuclear membrane, mitochondria, granular and agranular endoplasmic reticulum and lysosomes of the liver cell and also in the Kupffer(More)
There has been great interest in the development of non-invasive techniques for the diagnosis of liver fibrosis in chronic liver diseases, including ultrasound elastographic methods. Some of these methods have already been adequately studied for the non-invasive assessment of diffuse liver diseases. Others, however, such as two-dimensional Shear Wave(More)
The dynamics of the fibrinoplastic process were studied in rat isolated liver, perfused in normothermia with a synthetical medium. For the autohistoradiographical study, 125I-labelled fibrinogen was added to the perfusing medium. The historadiograms obtained suggest that the main link in the rise of trans-hepatic vascular resistance is thickening of the(More)
The protective action of aspartic acid on isolated and perfused rat liver was studied. In case of D-galactosamine intoxication the GOT, GPT and SDH activity and the lactate and pyruvate concentration in the perfusion medium were less augmented and the glycogen level in hepatic tissue was less diminished in animals treated with aspartic acid, as compared to(More)
The biochemical changes induced in the gastric juice by the presence of Campylobacter pylori (CP) were followed up in 151 patients with various gastric and duodenal diseases. The diagnosis of CP infection was made by the urease test. In the presence of CP urea decreased in the gastric juice and ammonia increased. The sialic acid, fucose and hexoses, glucide(More)