Alina Stoica

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We present here a method for analyzing the neighborhoods of all the vertices in a large graph. We first give an algorithm for characterizing a simple undirected graph that relies on enumeration of small induced subgraphs. We make a step further in this direction by identifying not only subgraphs but also the positions occupied by the different vertices of(More)
This paper presents an inclusive approach with focus on energy use and recovery in wastewater management, including wastewater treatment (WWT) and sludge handling. Process data from three Swedish mills and a mathematical model were used to evaluate seven sludge handling strategies. The results indicate that excess energy use in WWT processes counters the(More)
Nowadays, users of online platforms can manage their own visibility and therefore popularity by mixing self-publishing activities and social networking. If one can develop strategies for building a reputation, his success is not determined only by his actions but also by the context in which he is involved. His popularity may evolve during time and this can(More)
Here we propose a set of dynamical measures to detect causality effects on communication datasets. Using appropriate comparison models, we are able to enumerate patterns containing causality relationships. This approach is illustrated on a large cellphone call dataset: we show that specific patterns such as short chain-like trees and directed loops are more(More)
The emergence of online platforms allowing to mix self publishing activities and social networking offers new possibilities for building online reputation and visibility. In this paper we present a method to analyze the online popularity that takes into consideration both the success of the published content and the social network topology. First, we adapt(More)
Analyse de la structure locale des grands réseaux sociaux Analyzing the local structure of large social networks Soutenue le 12 octobre 2010 devant le jury: Acknowledgments First of all, I would like to thank Patrick Gallinari and Pierluigi Crescenzi for having written the reports for my dissertation. Thank you for having accepted to write them in spite of(More)
Inflation is one of the most "harmful" economic phenomena that manifest in contemporary economies. Inflation is not a new phenomenon, the manifestations of her being found since the seventeenth century and eighteenth century, and regarded as a chronic disease, unmanageable. Inflation is a general increase in prices while the market purchasing power(More)
The commonest cause of head and neck malignancy in pediatric patients is lymphoma. A particular case is the tonsillar lymphoma. Even though unilateral tonsillar enlargement represents an ominous sign for neoplasia, clinical manifestations vary and are non-specific. Therefore, a delayed diagnosis is performed which compromises optimal therapy and hinders the(More)
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