Alina Polyakova

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Methoxychlor was found to be sufficiently persistent in soil and its residues were present even 18 months after the soil treatment. Saprophytes, fungi and actinomyces were unaffected by varying concentrations of methoxychlor, azotobacter however was susceptable. Soil strains isolated did not utilize methoxychlor as a sole carbon source except for 9 cultures(More)
The author-as-social construct refers to a process whereby the importance of the writer of a text is diminished in exchange for the elevated status of the reader-as-interpreter. As a concept, it has found purchase amongst the contemporary humanities and social sciences. It has yet, however, to gain significant traction within the natural sciences. The(More)
The first chapter takes advantage of the evolution of the regulatory and pricing environment in the first years of a large federal prescription drug insurance program for seniors Medicare Part D to explore interactions among adverse selection, switching costs, and regulation. I document evidence of both adverse selection of beneficiaries across contracts(More)
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