Alina Marcu

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HnRNP proteins have been implicated in most stages of cellular mRNA metabolism, including processing, nucleocytoplasmic transport, stability, and localization. Several hnRNP proteins are also known to participate in key early developmental decisions. In order to facilitate functional studies of these pre-mRNA- and mRNA-binding proteins in a vertebrate(More)
Visual context is important in object recognition and it is still an open problem in computer vision. Along with the advent of deep convolutional neural networks (CNN), using contextual information with such systems starts to receive attention in the literature. At the same time, aerial imagery is gaining momentum. While advances in deep learning make good(More)
Smart Cities is a domain of great interest in the modern society. The aim of a smart urban environment is to increase citizens’ comfort and quality of life with minimum resources and power consumption and without affecting the natural environment. Street lighting is one of the main interests in such a smart environment. This thesis focuses on implementing a(More)
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