Alina Marcinkowska

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The unique biology of prion proteins (PrPs) allied with the public-health risks posed by prion zoonoses, such as various animal neurodegenerations, has focused much attention on the molecular basis of the controls cross-species and on the similarities between PrPs from different species. Given the common feature of PrPs as Cu(2+) binding proteins, it(More)
Breast cancer is commonly treated by various combinations of surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Most cancers either are increasingly resistant to any initial treatment or acquire resistance to a broad spectrum of anticancer drugs over time. Combination of more than one drug or combination with multidrug resistance (MDR) modifiers(More)
Two glycosylated peptides have been studied using NMR spectroscopy supported by molecular modeling. Peptide I is an oxytocin (OT) analogue in which glutamine 4 was replaced by serine with attached α-d-mannose through the oxygen β atom, whereas peptide II is a lysine-vasopressin (LVP) analogue with lysine 8 side chain modified by the attachment of glucuronic(More)
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