Alina Krzeminski

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BACKGROUND The hypothalamus is the central homeostatic control region of the brain and, therefore, highly influenced by nutrients such as glucose and fat. Immediate and prolonged homeostatic effects of glucose ingestion have been well characterized. However, studies that used stimulation with fat have mainly investigated immediate perceptional processes.(More)
BACKGROUND Low- and high-fat meals affect homeostatic and gustatory brain areas differentially. In a previous study, we showed that a high-fat meal decreased cerebral blood flow (CBF) in homeostatic brain areas (hypothalamus), whereas a low-fat meal increased CBF in gustatory regions (anterior insula). OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate(More)
UNLABELLED Yogurts differing in fat content, protein content, and casein to whey protein ratio were produced, and structurally as well as sensorially examined. The objective of the current research was to evaluate the predictive value of rheological and particle size measurements concerning sensory appearance and texture attributes in 13 differently(More)
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