Alina Kostelecka-Myrcha

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The research examined differences in haemoglobin concentration (g%), number of erythrocytes (mm-3), length and width of red blood cells (micron), and haematocrit value (%) in adult birds of 21 species with body mass ranging from 8 to 170 g, in eight species of altricial birds during the course of their development and in two species throughout the seasons(More)
The indices of red blood were determined in nestlings and adults of Plautus alle and adults of Sterna paradisaea. All measured parameters varied significantly, but the amount of Hb per unit area of erythrocytes did not change over the nestling development of P. alle. In adult P. alle, S. paradisaea and 12 compared species of birds from the temperate zone,(More)
The literature provides all the data needed to calculate the ratio between the amount of haemoglobin and the total surface area of erythrocytes in 54 species of mammals ranging in body mass from 2.5 g to more than 1000 kg. Analysis shows that the concentration of haemoglobin (Hb; g%) does not depend on the body mass of the mammals studied. The number of(More)