Alina Johnson

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BACKGROUND Fetal immune responses following exposure of mothers to allergens during pregnancy may influence the subsequent risk of childhood asthma. However, the association of allergen-induced cord blood mononuclear cell (CBMC) proliferation and cytokine production with later allergic immune responses and asthma has been controversial. Our objective was to(More)
BACKGROUND The relationships between cockroach and mouse allergen exposure, anti-cockroach and anti-mouse IgE, and wheeze, rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis in children as young as age 3 years are of public health importance but have not been thoroughly evaluated. OBJECTIVE We hypothesized that inner-city children might have anti-cockroach and anti-mouse(More)
BACKGROUND Cat ownership is inversely associated with atopy and asthma in some areas of the world, but the relevance of cat ownership to allergic disease in the inner city is less known. OBJECTIVE We sought to evaluate the relationship between cat ownership and the development of early sensitization and wheeze. METHODS By using a prospective birth(More)
BACKGROUND Season of birth has been associated with the development of atopy and asthma. Relationships among a particular birth season, maternal allergen exposure during the birth season, and childhood development of allergies to allergens in higher concentration during the birth season may be important. OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of winter(More)
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