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This report describes the contamination of "helper-free" stocks of defective retroviral vector with particles bearing retroviral endogenous RNA. An avian leukosis virus-based packaging cell line was developed from LMH cells that bear the ev1, ev3, and ev6 retroviral endogenous loci. The results show that an endogenous retroviral transcript (ev3) was(More)
We have recently described Avian Leukosis Virus (ALV)-based packaging cell lines that can produce helper-free ALV-based retrovirus vectors with A, B, C, and E envelope host ranges. Here, we report that lacZ retroviral vectors of subgroup C or E can infect helper cells of subgroup A (Isolde) which are then able to produce high titers of lacZ recombinant(More)
We previously described avian leukosis virus-based packaging cell lines that produce stocks of retroviral vectors in which replication-competent viruses were not detectable. However, following infection of target cells with these retroviral stocks, we recently obtained colonies resulting from the transmission of recombinant genomes. Here, we have analyzed(More)
We have previously described avian leukosis virus-based packaging cell lines that express gag, pol, and env proteins from two transcomplementing genomes and produce helper-free stocks of retroviral vectors with different host ranges. In this report, we demonstrated that (i) despite the deletion of the psi packaging sequence, the packaging-defective(More)
Stable and unstable fiber bundles with respect to a fixed point or a bounded trajectory are of great dynamical relevance in (non)autonomous dynamical systems. These sets are defined via an infinite limit process. However, the dynamics of several real world models are of interest on a short time interval only. This task requires finite time concepts of(More)
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