Alina Gavrilut

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In this paper, we study different types of non-additive set multifunctions (such as: uniformly autocontin-uous, null-additive, null-null-additive), presenting relationships among them and some of their properties regarding atoms and pseudo-atoms. We also study non-atomicity and non-pseudo-atomicity of regular null-additive set mul-tifunctions defined on the(More)
In this paper, we extend the concept of set-valued fuzzy measures (introduced and studied by Guo and Zhang [2004. On set-valued fuzzy measures. Information Sciences 160 (2004) 13–25]) to the class of multivalued set functions taking values in the family of non-empty closed subsets of a real normed space. Also, we introduce the notions of atom and(More)
Considering that the motions of the complex system structural units take place on continuous, but non-differentiable curves, in the frame of the extended scale relativity model (in its Schrödinger-type variant), it is proven that the imaginary part of a scalar potential of velocities can be correlated with the fractal information and, implicitly, with a(More)