Alina Coman

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This paper describes the design and evaluation of AffectCam, a wearable system integrating SenseCam and BodyMedia SenseWear for capturing galvanic skin response as a measure of bodily arousal. AffectCam's algorithms use arousal as a filtering mechanism for selecting the most personally relevant photos captured during people's ordinary daily life, i.e. high(More)
This paper presents an exploratory study of life review as a therapeutic technique performed in the end of life care. We describe interviews with four therapists practicing life review and discuss initial findings showing the benefits of closure and empowerment for patients' emotional wellbeing. Findings also highlight the importance of reflective(More)
This paper explores how people generate cues for capturing personal meaningful daily events, which can be used for later recall. Such understanding can be explored to inform the design and development of personal informatics systems, aimed to support reflection and increased self-awareness. We describe a diary study with six participants and discuss initial(More)
Personal grief rituals are beneficial in dealing with complicated grief, but challenging to design, as they require symbolic objects and actions meeting clients' emotional needs. The authors reported interviews with 10 therapists with expertise in both grief therapy and grief rituals. Findings indicate three types of rituals supporting honoring, letting go,(More)
Self-defining memories are crucial for the sense of self, yet we know little of how to cue their recall in old age. This paper reports on interviews with 3 participants in a 10 week craft project. Findings indicate the challenges of introspection, of recalling negative self-defining memories, and of inaccessible cues, and we conclude with three design(More)
In this article, the authors discuss the predicament, in Romanian society, of one group that is especially vulnerable to HIV infection and AIDS: men who have sex with men. Such men are driven to secrecy, and discouraged from disclosing themselves even to obtain the help and information they need, because Romanian law prohibits homosexual overtures, denies(More)
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