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It has been well established in Cognitive Psychology that humans are able to strategically adapt performance, even highly skilled performance, to meet explicit task goals such as being accurate (rather than fast). This paper describes a new capability for generating multiple human performance predictions from a single task specification as a function of(More)
How can we model behavior on complex, real-world tasks with a large range of possible strategies that may vary along multiple dimensions? In this paper, we show show how an emerging approach to cognitive modeling, cognitively bounded rational analysis, can be applied to efficiently specify large, multidimensional strategy spaces, and to predict which(More)
Cognitive Constraint Modeling is an emerging modeling framework that allows a modeler to derive predictions of asymptotic performance from (a) a specification of architectural constraints; (b) a specification of a space of possible task strategies; and (c) an explicit objective (payoff) function. This approach has distinct advantages over traditional(More)
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