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PrivateFS is an oblivious file system that enables access to remote storage, while keeping both the file contents and client access patterns secret. PrivateFS is based on a new parallel Oblivious RAM mechanism (PD-ORAM)---instead of waiting for the completion of all ongoing client-server transactions, client threads can now engage a server in parallel(More)
—We present Catena, an efficiently-verifiable Bitcoin witnessing scheme. Catena enables any number of thin clients, such as mobile phones, to efficiently agree on a log of application-specific statements managed by an adversarial server. Catena implements a log as an OP_RETURN transaction chain and prevents forks in the log by leveraging Bitcoin's security(More)
We present privatefs, a fully-functional oblivious network file system in which files can be accessed on a remote server with computational access privacy and data confidentiality. Oblivious RAM [1] is a construction providing access pattern privacy, hiding not just data contents but the location of reads and writes to this data. It lends itself naturally(More)
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