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Data on 15,399 adolescents diagnosed with cancer at age 15-19 years during 1978-1997 in Europe were extracted from the database of the Automated Childhood Cancer Information System (ACCIS). Total incidence in Europe as a whole was 186 per million in 1988-1997. Incidence among males was 1.2 times that among females. Lymphomas had the highest incidence of any(More)
In collaboration with 62 population-based cancer registries contributing to the Automated Childhood Cancer Information System (ACCIS), we built a database to study incidence and survival of children and adolescents with cancer in Europe. We describe the methods and evaluate the quality and internal comparability of the database, by geographical region,(More)
UNLABELLED The purpose was to evaluate the benefits of compression and early mobilization in comparison with compression and bed rest in the acute stage of proximal deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in pregnant women. METHOD Thirty-two consecutive pregnant women with proximal DVT diagnosed by color duplex ultrasound were divided into two groups. Group A(More)
OBJECTIVE to determine whether a negative single complete ultrasound (US) of the lower limbs veins is a safe and accurate diagnostic method to rule out deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in pregnancy. MATERIAL AND METHODS We performed a prospective study on 87 consecutive pregnant women with clinical suspicion of DVT in "Dr. D. Popescu" Maternity, Timişoara,(More)
The elementary nutritional needs of vegetarians are totally, or in great part, supplied by vegetarian food; thus the body composition of vegetarians could differ from that of omnivorous persons. The objective of the present study was to compare healthy Italian vegetarians to healthy omnivorous individuals in terms of body composition, determined using dual(More)
This experiment observed the evolution of metabolite plumes from a human trapped in a simulation of a collapsed building. Ten participants took it in turns over five days to lie in a simulation of a collapsed building and eight of them completed the 6 h protocol while their breath, sweat and skin metabolites were passed through a simulation of a collapsed(More)
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