Alin Moldoveanu

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Almost unlimited access to educational information plethora came with a drawback: finding meaningful material is not a straightforward task anymore. Based on a survey related to how students find additional bibliographical resources for university courses, we concluded there is a strong need for recommended learning materials, for specialized online search(More)
The Sound of Vision project involves developing a sensory substitution device that is aimed at creating and conveying a rich auditory representation of the surrounding environment to the visually impaired. However, the feasibility of such an approach is strongly constrained by neural flexibility, possibilities of sensory substitution and adaptation to(More)
An exciting possibility for compensating for loss of sensory function is to augment deficient senses by conveying missing information through an intact sense. Here we present an overview of techniques that have been developed for sensory substitution (SS) for the blind, through both touch and audition, with special emphasis on the importance of training for(More)
BACKGROUND Over the past decades, staging laparoscopy evolved as a useful tool in multimodality treatment of patients with abdominal malignancies, especially for detection of incurable peritoneal and liver metastasis. Natural orifice translumenal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) is a new, evolving technique which represents the next logical progression in(More)
This work presents the design aspects of TRAVEE, a neuromotor rehabilitation system. The TRAVEE system relies on innovative concepts for improving the rehabilitation process and increasing the patient recovery rate. One such concept is to present the patient an augmented feedback as part of a learning process based on neuroplasticity. Most of the(More)
This paper describes a prototype system based on Augmented Reality (AR), designed to improve the biomechanics study. The proposal includes a full system overview with accents on the AR area, where the main solution is based on HoloLens. The whole system is focused on the latest available technology, not only for the AR module. To get to the best results,(More)
As the number of people suffering from visual impairments continuously increases, there is strong need for efficient sensory substitution devices, that can support creating a rich mental spatial depiction of the environment. The use of the auditory sense has proved to be an effective approach towards creating a method of interaction with the elements of the(More)
ELECT Unilateral transducer constant power gain circles play an essential role in the design of radio-frequency amplifiers and active modulators, as they help to determine optimal impedance matching conditions to meet gain and stability specifications. It is shown that these gain circles are a subfamily of Apollonius circles. For better visualisation,(More)
RGBD cameras are used in many fields, such as monitoring, robot navigation and assistive solutions for visually impaired people. The advance in technology led to the development of cheap and easy to use cameras, such as Kinect, that gained a lot of popularity. One of the technologies that allow the capturing of depth maps, the D component in RGBD sequences,(More)