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Scheduling problems are very important for many (research) fields like management, industrial engineering, operations research and computer science. However many instances of scheduling problems were proven to be NP-hard, therefore the use of heuristics is the de-facto approach in order to cope in practice with its difficulty. In this paper we consider(More)
Scheduling problems are very important for many (research) fields. However only for few instances there are polynomial time optimization algorithms, because the vast majority of scheduling problem instances is NP-hard. In such cases heuristic and/or stochastic algorithm are used which tend toward but do not guarantee the finding of optimal solution. The aim(More)
Topic text segmentation is an important problem in information retrieval and summarization. The segmentation process tries to split a text into thematic clusters (segments) in such a way that every cluster has a high cohesion and the contiguous clusters are connected as little as possible. The originality of this work is twofold. First, we propose new(More)
A project is evolving through different phases from idea and conception until the experiments, implementation and maintenance. The globalization, the Internet, the Web and the mobile computing changed many human activities, and in this respect, the realization of the Information System (IS) projects. The projects are growing, the teams are geographically(More)
We present a distributed video proxy-cache system that is able to adapt the number of running nodes depending on the client request patterns and available storage and computational resources. Cache related operations are performed with regard to the utility values of the stored objects. We propose the use of a new utility formula which considers a number of(More)
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