Alin-Adrian Anton

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— At current scenario the requirements of fossil fuel are increased for various purposes. So its cost also gradually increased. Especially more amount of fossil fuel required for transportation comparatively other requirements. The fossil fuel used vehicles increased the environment pollution. So government policy is also towards the minimization of(More)
A catalogue record is available from the Eindhoven University of Technology Library. Extractive distillation with ionic liquids as solvents: selection and conceptual process design Summary Extractive distillation technology is widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries for separating azeotropic, close-boiling and low relative volatility(More)
The scope of this work is to reduce the storage requirements for scientific simulation data by reconstructing space-time windows defined inside the solution frame, with increased or lower mesh resolutions. The price for handling large datasets of scientific simulations is very restrictive for most computational science and engineering users. It is necessary(More)
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