Alin Ştefan Ştefănescu-Dima

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The posterior capsule opacification (PCO) is a frequent complication in the modern cataract surgery, uncomfortable for the patient and expensive for the health care system. According to prof. Apple, the main health care expenditure in U.S. is represented by cataract surgery, laser capsulotomy for PCO ranking next. Under these circumstances, it is not(More)
AIM Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is a physiological phenomenon due to aging characterized by separation of the vitreous cortex from the retina and may induce a variety of pathological events at the vitreoretinal junction. The aim of this study is to highlight in vivo anatomical and functional changes in early stages of PVD allowing the correct(More)
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca represents a progressive deterioration of ocular surface produced by a deficient secretion of lachrymal film (quantitative disorder) or excessive tear evaporation (qualitative disorder). The cytological analysis of conjunctival impression in 42 patients with dry eye syndrome established a strong correlation between the clinical(More)
Pigmentary tumors of the conjunctiva are rare in children, but they deserve special attention as, under some circumstances, they can question the quo ad vitam prognosis. The management of these tumors is controversial because the clinical diagnosis is uncertain, not reliable for a long term evolution prognosis. In this study, after a short review of the(More)
We present the case of man with endogenous endophtalmitis AO, with Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus type 2 and Viral hepatitis type C. The prognosis was reserved in the context of the underlying disease, with loss of his visual acuity OD and evisceration OS. Despite the correct treatment and many clinical, laboratory, imaging and interclinical(More)
A clinical study was conducted on a sample of 48 patients examined within 3 months. Of these, 27 patients were recruited by ophtalmologic criteria and 21 recruited by cardiologic criteria, 25% of these patients coming for routine check. They were investigated by ophthalmic examination, cardiological examination, imaging and laboratory examination. Testing(More)
It shows a clinical observation about optical anterior juxtabulbar bilateral neuropathy, with superacute debut, rapid and dramatic evolution in the first days, at a young woman. The disease established the marked diminuation of the visual acuity and the collapse of the visual field. The evolution was favourably under the cortisone therapy, establishing the(More)
PURPOSE AND METHOD Prospective study on 22 glaucoma patients (31 eyes)--pseudoexfoliation glaucoma and POAG--who underwent nonselective laser trabeculoplasty during 2007. The follow-up time is intended to be 5 years, with a preliminary report at 2 years. Our study wants to evaluate the efficiency and safety of the laser procedure. RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONS(More)