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Real-time RT-PCR normalisation; strategies and considerations
This review discusses the relative merits of different normalisation strategies, suggests a method of validation that will enable the measurement of biologically meaningful results and discusses the popular practice of measuring an internal reference or housekeeping gene.
Coronaviruses — drug discovery and therapeutic options
The epidemiology, virology, clinical features and current treatment strategies of SARS and MERS are summarized, and the discovery and development of new virus-based and host-based therapeutic options for CoV infections are discussed.
Hospital outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus.
Person-to-person transmission of MERS-CoV can occur in health care settings and may be associated with considerable morbidity and surveillance and infection-control measures are critical to a global public health response.
Validation of housekeeping genes for normalizing RNA expression in real-time PCR.
Real-time reverse transcription PCR is used to assess the levels of 13 housekeeping genes expressed in peripheral blood mononuclear cell culture and whole blood from healthy individuals and those with tuberculosis and shows that RNA specifying human acidic ribosomal protein was the most suitable housekeeping gene for normalizing mRNA levels in human pulmonary tuberculosis.
Advances in the development of new tuberculosis drugs and treatment regimens
Current concepts and recent advances in TB drug discovery and development are covered, including an update of ongoing TB treatment trials, newer clinical trial designs, TB biomarkers and adjunct host-directed therapies.