Alimatou N'Diaye

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BACKGROUND Shortening the course of treatment for tuberculosis would be a major improvement for case management and disease control. This phase 3 trial assessed the efficacy and safety of a 4-month gatifloxacin-containing regimen for treating rifampin-sensitive pulmonary tuberculosis. METHODS We conducted a noninferiority, randomized, open-label,(More)
The modulation by 5-HT2 receptors in the nucleus tractus solitarius of the reflex bradycardia evoked by stimulation of peripheral baroreceptors and cardiopulmonary chemoreceptors, and their possible functional interactions with local NMDA receptors, were investigated in pentobarbital- and urethane-anaesthetized rats, respectively. Microinjection of the(More)
The purpose of this study is to report our experience on Pott's disease in Senegal, which belongs to the group of least-developed countries .In these countries, tuberculosis is still a public health issue. Regarding spine tuberculosis, we attempted to implement a diagnostic and therapeutic approach appropriate for our conditions of medical practice. The(More)
Previous reports have described that glutamate ionotropic receptors in the nucleus tractus solitarius (NTS) are involved in the reflex control of heart rate, and that such a control can be inhibited by NTS-5-HT(3) receptor stimulation. In the present study, we examined in urethane anaesthetized rats the effects of intra-NTS microinjection of(More)
In prosthetic surgery of the hip joint it is essential to recenter the hip to recreate the leverage of the gluteus medius muscle. Determination of the center of rotation of the hip is difficult if both hip joints have been destroyed. On the basis of 70 frontal radiographs of the hip in the standing position, the authors measured the position of the center(More)
la rotation avec des intervalles de 45 °. La variation de la rotation scapulalre que nous avons observ6e avec des intervalles de 30 ° pent avoir 6td amoindrie ou cachde avec des intervalles plus importants. Poppen et Walker [17] ont 6tudi6 le rapport des deux angles en calculant les lignes de rdgression seulement pour le mouvement atlant de 30 ° h(More)
An antibody specific for the beta subunit of carp gonadotropin was applied to pituitary sections from Pomadasys jubelini in order to characterize and localize the gonadotropic cells by immunocytological means. It reveals the gonadotropic zone lying mainly at the periphery of the proximal pars distalis with lateral extensions around the pars intermedia. The(More)
Cilia from seminal vesicles of Discoglossus (Anura, Amphibia) are partially covered with a fuzzy coat easily stained by the PATAg technique. The freeze-fractures of the ciliary membrane show large intramembrane particles (IMPs) not randomly distributed. At the base of the cilium, 3 or 4 rows of large IMPs form the ciliary necklace. Above the necklace, a 0.1(More)
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