Aliki Mavromoustaki

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Our study focuses on gravity-driven, particle-laden flows which are pertinent to a wide range of industrial and geophysical settings in which transport of suspensions occur. In the present study we employ a previously derived model [1] which uses the lubrication approximation to describe particle-laden films on an incline. The model consists of a coupled(More)
We investigate the dynamics of bidensity slurries on an incline. The particle-fluid mixture consists of two species of negatively buoyant particles that have roughly the same size but significantly variant densities. This mismatch in particle densities induces or prevents settling depending on the relative amount of heavy to light particles, leading to(More)
The linear and nonlinear stability of a spreading film of constant flux and a drop of constant volume, discussed in [1], are examined here. A linear stability analysis (LSA) is carried out to investigate the stability to spanwise perturbations, by linearisation of the two-dimensional (2-D) evolution equations derived in [1] for the film thickness and(More)
The dynamics of a surfactant-laden film climbing up an inclined plane is investigated through a two-dimensional (2-D), nonlinear evolution equation for the interface coupled to convective-diffusion equations for the surfactant, derived using lubrication theory. One-dimensional (1-D) solutions, representing the base-state flow, are investigated for constant(More)
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