Alidianne Fábia Cabral Xavier

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BACKGROUND Pediatric medications may possess a high erosive potential to dental tissues due to the existence of acid components in their formulations. The purpose was to determine the erosive and cariogenic potential of pediatric oral liquid medications through the analysis of their physicochemical properties in vitro. METHODS A total of 59 substances(More)
We evaluated in vitro the cariogenic and erosive potential of antitussive liquid oral medications for paediatric use. Fifteen paediatric liquid antitussives were sampled. The endogenous pH was evaluated by potentiometry, titratable acidity was measured according to the method adopted by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, total soluble solids(More)
BACKGROUND Prisoners, in general, exhibit unsatisfactory oral conditions, especially with regard to the large number of missing teeth and with untreated caries. The aim of this study was to assess tooth loss, use of and need for prosthetic rehabilitation, and use of dental services among inmates. A cross-sectional study involving 65 inmates was developed at(More)
Adresa za dopisivanje Alessandro Leite Cavalcanti Avenida Manoel Moraes, 471/Apto. 802 Manaíra João Pessoa/PB, Brasil 58038-230 Tel: 55 83 32473043 Sažetak Cilj: u ovom istraživanju je procijenjen mortalitet od vanjskih uzroka kod djece i adolescenata, te pojavnost maksilofacijalnih ozljeda u gradu Campini Grande, PB, Brazil, u(More)
INTRODUCTION Fluoride dentifrices containing calcium carbonate have advantages such as control of dental plaque and progression of dental caries, also contributing to oral hygiene, represent most dentifrices marketed in Brazil. AIM To evaluate the physicochemical properties of seven fluoride dentifrices containing calcium carbonate in relation to hydrogen(More)
BACKGROUND The use of liquid pharmaceutical preparations is a daily occurrence for some children. Evidences show a significant relation between the intake of oral sucrose based medicines and an increase incidence in dental caries. AIM This in vitro experimental study evaluated the Total Soluble Solids Content (TSSC) by means of Brix scale refractometry(More)
Motorcycle accidents are becoming a public health problem in developing world. The objective of this paper was to assess the factors related to morbidity and mortality among victims of motorcycle accidents in a trauma center. An analysis of 9,734 medical records of patients hospitalized for external causes at the Regional Emergency and Trauma Hospital of(More)
BACKGROUND Violence against women is a serious social problem and affects mainly young women. This study aimed to evaluate sexual violence against women in Campina Grande, Brazil. METHODS A retrospective study with analysis of 886 forensic medical reports of sexual violence from the Institute of Legal Medicine of Campina Grande, Brazil, was conducted(More)
BACKGROUND Victims of motor vehicle accidents may suffer multiple lesions, including maxillofacial injuries. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and factors associated with head, facial, and maxillofacial injuries in child and adolescent victims of automobile accidents. A cross-sectional study was carried out with analysis of forensic(More)
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