Alicja Wojtczuk

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The present paper outlines an action theory of creativity and substantiates this approach by investigating creative expression in five different domains. We propose an action framework for the analysis of creative acts built on the assumption that creativity is a relational, inter-subjective phenomenon. This framework, drawing extensively from the work of(More)
This study contributes to a better understanding of how the use of different tools influences both the design process and the way that final designs are assessed. Unlike previous research comparing computer aided design (CAD) and freehand sketching, we compared CAD and manual modelling. CAD systems and manual modelling both tend to be used after the early(More)
Due to current challenges in our society, education in the field of design is increasingly oriented towards work. Thus, the objective of this paper is to contribute to determine ways of favouring creativity in design by providing project-oriented training for design students. In accordance with cognitive models, we proposed and compared two educational(More)
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